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Earn Up To 65,000 AAdvantage® Bonus Miles After Qualifying Purchases. Earn AAdvantage® Miles And Gain Even More Rewards With Citi® / AAdvantage® Credit Cards disclaimer: this carrd is not intended to be the end all source on aave. this is meant to encourage you to do your own research and provide information quickly if needed. aave is more than just saying a couple words, it is a dialect, with its own structure, and there are many other issues that come along with it, for example, how you pronounce the words or using a blaccent AAVE. AAVE- A STARTER PACK. What is AAVE. English is Not Our Language. AAVE is not your Stan culture, Becky. I'M IS TALKING RIGHT. The Language of Black Culture. NON-BLACK Asian-Americans: on AAVE. AAVE and NBPOC- do not go together According to AAVE Card, if you are white or a non-black person of colour, you should not use any of the above phrases. This is because, according to the author of the page, by using these words. aave carrd ( made with carrd ) redirecting to the actual aave carrd. lol i think u might have meant to go here ---> aave carrd ( made with carrd ).

*this word is also viewed as aave and commonly used as slang, please do not demonize aave under the excuse of being woke on tiktok or twitter (creator of this carrd would like to apologize for the lack of official sources for this yet, this is information that has been relayed verbally) SOURCES: Fraser, Bruce (December 1981) umm aave has been used for years... i agree!! I meant like specifically the term bestie has been used by everyone for years, vs lets say like the term cap didn''t really get widely used by a lot of people till this yea Official clothing store. Clothing Cosmos. User-submitted item Tommy accidentally made an opsies and said the word finna which an AAVE word Twitter assumed Tommy was mocking while saying the word which in fact I don't think that was his intentions Basically people are spamming in Tommy tweets to address the situation and apologize, its to the point where Tommy's mod gotta tell people that they already send the carrd to him for them to stop.

last updated: february 16th 2021 11:50am pst update log: end revenge porn (ie), typhoon ulysses (ph), the r slur, WHAT'S HAPPENING IN PUNJAB?, what is aave?, carrd on ehlers danlos, Guatemala carrd (español), reject the omnibus law, #FreeReinaMaeNasino, abortrion in poland, bpd education, ocd info, tamils in sri lanka, peru, ph carrd, #rescueph, congo rainforest, hiv & aids awarenes AAVE CARRD !! some vocab abt racism and examples of AAVE phrases !!!! learn abt CAHOOTS. hotline list !! what is populism? he/him and they/them lesbians !! my pronouns: guide. spotify playlist An influencer best known as Miranda Sings was accused of 'mocking AAVE' when she joked about Gen Z slang. A follower replied with a Carrd - a website-building platform that is commonly used.

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  1. AAVE [Carrd] description. Support Anti-Racism. I'm raising awareness, driving donations and sharing information in support of justice and equality. ACT NO
  2. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art
  3. g from a black person, using aave is NOT racist. Aave is a laungage, just like english and spanish. The problem is not non black people using it, it's the overuse and praise they get for doing so. (1/4
  4. for non american people sometimes the best we can do is spread info, petitions can sometimes be marked as invalid if people from other countries sign, so if you don't know if you can sign it, don't
  5. I also removed the yo pronoun set bc of it being AAVE. Tbh I've seen debate on whether it is or isn't and most ppl seem to be certain it is (I wasn't 100% sure myself) so I decided to err on the side of caution and remove it. I Should mention this btw!!! The two sets of zed pronouns were coined by tumblr user bigendee
# RANMA ? ? on Twitter: "How were xe using aave ?? They

aave carr

  1. Now, with regard to the grammatical aspect, AAVE has no -ed simple past tense (awakened), and by extension, no irregular past participles (woken). To wake up in the past is, He done wake.
  2. use aave and you're not black you hate opinionated people you don't like me. BYF know that i'm not always active**, i tweet basically anything i want, i sometimes start discourse on the tl, i'll probably interact with you if i see u on the tl, please do not follow me if you're under 16 (current mutuals are safe)
  3. racist, exclusionist, support bi/pan lesbians, lesbphobic, transphobic, invalidate neopronouns, a non black person who uses aave Comfort Charaters/Characters I ki

AAVE - carr

-> carrd on aave-> google doc on aave-> some other words u need to stop using. some people are confused with this ^ list: yes i know it's a joke,. aave carrd : Related News. thetab.comWhat is AAVE and which words are non-black people asked to avoid? - The Tab; www.insider.comAn influencer best known as Miranda Sings was accused of 'mocking AAVE' when she joked about Gen www.securities.io3 Best Brokers to Buy Binance (BNB) with a Credit Card - Securities.i choose a blinkie 2 start!! T O Y / D I Z Z Y !!! he / it / clown ☆ 4teen ☆ black ☆ transmasc enby boy ☆ gay + t4t ☆ nd + mentally ill. Text. Eyes shut tight, never open up. helooo !! ( -ㅅ- ) im toy and im very cute!! i also go by dizzy, ko and dice!! im a transmasc enby boy and I'm gay asff. my xenogenderz r clowngender and.

What is AAVE and which words are non-black people asked to

A follower replied with a Carrd - a website-building platform that is commonly used on social media to provide additional information or resources for specific causes - that explained what AAVE is Name(s): Ki, Lulu, Coco-Only call me Lulu/Coco if we are moots or friends. Pronouns: She/Her DoB: Jan, 7th Age: 14 Ethnicity: Chinese Please TW: Mentions of Puking. a lot of you all do not know what aave is and why using aave is wrong so here is a carrd explaining everything aave carrd (aavenb.carrd.co) https://aavenb.carrd.co/ 8. 0. kei is back! March 21. daily hyunbin

•black lives matter resources •stop asian hate resource doc •opentabs extension - save trees •reduce carbon footprint •AAVE carrd •anti asian violence carrd •ecobricks - plastic transitio What is even considered aave like ?? some ppl say as fuck asf is aave fut everyone says it ?? Same w y'all and tho even tho its pretty much standard spoken english idk, but some black ppl say it isn't a.. Read important!! from the story mcyt's boundaries and infos by awhlusty (‏‏‎ ‎) with 260 reads. wilbursoot, mcyt, dnf. ━━ educate yourself about aave! a.. This is about aave! https://t.co/nh4YfOQJG

•you're nonblack and use aave •otherwise bigoted Interests •language learning and linguistics •gacha games & mobile legends •kpop groups like skz, nct 127, exo, itzy, stayc etc support skz on kingdom <3 Click Here To Go Bac DNI-12 +22. current moots OK! you anti any of my ults. use aave and ure nb. stan suju or bigbang. name is maddie/madeline/mattie white lgbt, white nd, nonblack person who uses aave, anti politics, call urself a weeb unironically, can't consume media critically, spam fancam on ppl's timeline 24/7, mcytwt, dgrtwt, fart twt, troll gg stan, white feminist, enstarries, on idoltwt that tweets like a kpop stan, btspopper, you still make coon jokes, use this emoji in between a word, think heteroromantic asexuals are a part.

very simple carrd. DNI. BYF. support trump, ship incest, ship age-gap, sexualize minors, homophobic, racist, against blm, misuse aave -12 +22 you anti kun + yeri. use aave and ure nb. stan suju. ig. priv. everskies. carrd list. discord wayv family#7606. solo stan list. stray kids seungmin + minho day6 wonpil treasure junkyu blackswan fatou saturday minseo. back to carrd ( Made with Carrd ). anti-communist, mcyttwt, achillean mlm, non-Black who uses aave, think Black people can be racist, only swoon over boygroups/men, take k-pop seriously. Discord: zinkylee#7634 SW-4617-9704-9590 ( Made with Carrd ).

basic dni criteria, antis of my favs, cmc a6d schlatt supporters, aave misusers. tw sh, gore, spiders, unsettling imagery ( Made with Carrd ). nonblack & uses aave, anti any of my favs, armyblink anti, racist, lgbtq+phobic, a white gay, supports bi/pan lesbian's, a nonblack lesbian & uses the slur dyke/is a nonblack masc lesbian & calls themselves a stud, a camila cabello stan, a mamamoo stan, -14 [ current moots are ok]

SARAH'S CARRD ( •ᴗ• ) DNI!!! basic dni criteria, non black aave user, mcyt, under twelve or over twenty seven (current moots ok!), if you ship pedophilic or incestuous ships, heavy nsfw account. INTRESTS consuming all types of animanga (ง •̀_•́). I only use PayPal for payments currently. Contact me. Email: zobireke@gmail.com. Do not interact if. if your a non-black who uses aave. anti-hesbian/ non-binary lesbian. you're a proshipper

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priv backup cc carrd list discord : wayv family#7606:) late nights, spicy foods, turtles, fishes, lollipops, writing, babymetal and music!:(most fruits, tomatoes, oatmeal, bees, nb people who use aave, jessi and bananas! next page you are racist, over the age of 21+ (current moots are fine and only if I follow you first), non poc using aave, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, mcytwt /srs, invalidate he/him lesbians and she/her gays tyler's carrd. @tbslpinks. Tyler or Bucky. SheHer + HeHim. Minor + Black. Entp-T Pisces don't follow if.. fit basic criteria, -13/+22, mcyt stan, non black and uses aave (including the d slur), take everything seriously, can't be civil about my favs if you hate them, white unless i follow first:) marvel, teen dramas, ya fiction books, music, ar

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carrd - MICAH RACIST MOD using AAVE to mock black community. so, you will ban users for using aave but use it yourself? make it make sense u/missveebee deleting it off your curious cat wont do anything at all :) its a bit pathetic that you dont want to speak about it, guess i'll have to make a post :/ ↺ https://misako.carrd.co; i reclaim the f and n word, don't try to educate me, hypersexual when comfortable, do not use aave around me, don't make r!pe jokes, i hate trump supporters. i love dogs and food. allergic to fish, nuts, and bananas. don't req carrds please WHITES, cishets, ppl who use slurs they cant reclaim, school, fighting, anti blacks, non-black aave abusers. ( Made with Carrd ). prima's wank tank: hello there! thank you for stopping by my carrd! here you'll learn some pretty basic info on me down to my main interests and the kind of stuff you'll most likely find on my twitter. likes: sanrio mascots (aggretsuko, hello kitty, my melody), anime idols ([email protected], love live!), book shopping and fiction reading in general, collecting niche or limited time trinkets.

I'm Poppy and I'm currently part of mcyttwt,. specifically dttwt, honktwt, feraltwt, 404twt and quacktwt. My favorite colors are pink, white and purple. My preferred pronouns are she/they and I'm a taurus :) I respond to dms as fast as I can, so don't be scared to dm me! Tws / Dos and Donts. I don't have a lot of tws, but here are the ones I have Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings Michael Kovac/Getty Images YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings, was called out on Twitter for mockin Read important!! from the story mcyt's boundaries and infos by awhlusty (‏‏‎ ‎) with 260 reads. wilbursoot, mcyt, dnf. ━━ educate yourself about aave! a.. HI HEY hello. DNI! mcyt fandom, -13/18+ (unless i follow first) , MSI listener, basic dni, don't support neoprouns, missue aave, don't use she/her on Arashi (enstars). ship asushin, proship, kaeluc, NSFW, think bi/pan lesbians exist. hate on mlm for no reason. make dababy jokes (ur not funny). xiaoven shippers (after that one incident i don't trust yall mfs


Discussion - How is ___ Considered AAVE? - Everskie

One person replied and said that Ballinger was misusing and overusing AAVE, while numerous users followed suit and said that AAVE and stan language are not synonymous. A follower replied with a Carrd - a website-building platform that is commonly used on social media to provide additional information or resources for specific causes - that explained what AAVE is before you scroll !! THIS LIST IS BEING CONSTANTLY UPDATED.* please tell me if a link is broken by commenting. STOP USING AAVE IF YOU AREN'T BLACK. -> read this post first !* -> why -> carrd on.. #blackbooktuber #aave . Thanks for watching ya'll!!-Support My Channel-Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bookishrealm Wish List: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls. See tweets, replies, photos and videos from @gendergnf Twitter profile. 2.3K Followers, 1.3K Following. i like women + gn

Discussion - Everskie

• use aave if you aren't black • are an anti-vaxxer • rt animal abuse/gore before you follow, know that i: • am not american and do not follow american politics • am 20+ - please do not discuss nsfw topics with me if you are a minor • hard block if i see anything that violates my dni • consume/might tweet about alcoho if you use aave and youre non-black, I will dm you or correct you on the spot. do not get mad do not guilt trip me into spreading info because i wont, and watch me not. if youre one of those egotisitcal mfers please exit stage left you niggas are annoying asf we don't do victimizing over here if i am very direct when tweeting if it was not directed to you, do not take come at me

My take, I just feel like people should be focusing on

  1. i don't condone anything problematic my faves have done (i hold them accountable), i use aave, the n word, curse words very often, i'm very sarcastic and like to joke around a lot, i love interacting with moots, i talk mainly about my ults, i use tone indicators, pls do not call me sis or girl unless we are close
  2. kpopclownlifes carrd. @kpopclownlife. ARCHIVE! DON'T FOLLOW IF. racist, homophobic, invalidate pronouns, you anti any of the grps i stan. especially ateez. if you don't vote for ateez. BOOO (-_- ) non black people using aave. people using slurs they can't reclaim: she/her/per/pers mixed (nigerian and italian) 21 pansexual
  3. , cha eunwoo , astrology, iced coffee, sewing, watching films, writing, reading, giving unwanted opinion
  4. ( Made with Carrd ) poopyheadboy silver. they/he. 19. black. TME agender femme lesbian •usual dnfi applies + a creep, 29+, use aave if nonblack, are a white man, are 29+, use aave if nonblack, are a white man, are transphobic, etc • feel free to tag me in: sonic things, miku/vocaloid related things,.
  5. kook twice dachaetzu loona olivia hye txt yeonjun. PLS CW. groo
  6. What is Carrd? Build one-page sites for pretty much anything. Whether it's a personal profile, a landing page to capture emails, or something a bit more elaborate, Carrd has you covered. Simple, responsive, and yup — totally free
  7. aris new carrd B) hello! karl, philza , fundy ; (hypf. are okay) white cishet nsfwmcyttwt if you use aave and are not black. under 14, over 24 years old hardcore dnfer/irl shipper support trump or are conservative: stan list // subtwt

2020 world issues carrd lis

dislikes physics, anitiktok, nonblack ppl who use aave, jeremy (french) main + cc + pronoun page. my name is jesmine I'm 18, agender, black, go by she/he, and an entj 6w5. don't joke about my sexuality if I don't know you: do not use they/them or gendered terms: ( Made with Carrd ). ( Made with Carrd ) ᴅꜰɪ: racist, ableist, lgbtphobic, believe in bi/pan lesbians, use aave if ur nb, think pansexuality is more inclusive than bisexuality, etc. EXTRA Hi darling! welcome to my carrd, hope you enjoy! the excessive use and misuse of aave, especially if you arent black. racism, xenophobia and bodyshaming. obsessive shippers? sexual content from minors (friends are excluded) Message (alt) a special shoutout to: Maya. Maddy. Jamiia i use slurs i can reclaim (i.e nigga), i ship zutara so do not bother following if you're an anti, i tend to engage in the discourse ™ (i promise i'm nice ToT) so keep that in mind byf, i am very, very passionate about black issues and will not tolerate any bullshi dni okay with pedosexuals, fetishizes races/body types, use aave and not black, say the n word, uses slurs, not funny, support ALM or blue lives matter ( Made with Carrd

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This is a little area where you can find links, socials, fundraisers, etc. to help educate and improve the BLM Movement -subtly racist (hating new rap, using words like ghetto or aave) WARNINGS-please check my special interest page if you have triggers, i will not censor myself for you-i reclaim the word retard-i will not debate with you im simply here to draw cats. ( Made with Carrd ). Note: Do not use feminine terms for me at ALL, not even as slang or aave, Do not dm me if we arent close moots, don't flirt with me (jokingly or not) if we aren't moots and close in age, don't use they/them for me if not close, will probably not fb if no race in bio/carrd, most of my character slander is joke

STOP USING AAVE IF YOU AREN'T BLACK.-> why-> carrd on aave-> google doc on aave-> some other words u need to stop using. why you should stop saying 'simp' and 'pick-me' esp as a non-black person. twitter thread of black trans people's gofundme. black trans people donations masterlis twenty one pilots, sports, anime, red & yellow, skateboarding, films, horror movies, editing, photography, soul eater. DiSLiKES. blackpink antis, armys, bts, oh my. this carrd was made with the help of a tutorial by taefilms. what's happening in palestine donations to help india with covid relief cultural appropriation in kpop anti aapi hate AAVE history and alternatives for nonblack ppl to use ( Made with Carrd ). BYF!: i'm a btspopper, i mainly talk about bts, i reclaim nigga/nigger, i fb selectively and i won't fb if we don't stan at least one of the same artists, use tone indicators with me, kinda bad at dms, sb to break the moot, dm me if i tweet something offensive or problematic, i don't like fem terms but fem compliments are ok, i run blockchains on antis + anti tweets, don't ask me why. dni basic criteria, hate my favs, adult trio stan, into problematic media, you misuse aave i.e ‟going to bed asf‟ or whatever. insta; twt; kofi; tumblr ( Made with Carrd ).

DiSLiKES lots of negativity, homophobes, racists, transphobia, ableists, people who ignore aave, people who dislike tobi, people who continue to ignore people who have expressed their discomfort with being ignored: DNi don't follow if you're cishest, ( Made with Carrd ). Before You Follow; i post spoilers. if i follow someone who i shouldn't be following don't tag me in no thread just dm me.don't use she if we are not close. i do not tag character hate. i engage in discourse sawry.do not come in my mentions acting crazy towards me if i do not know u don't follow if! you use racism, sa, homophobia, ableism, etc. for fanwars you excessively talk in aave if you're nonblack you're an edgy stan in any way. no particular reason i just don't like y'all you hate on any of the groups i stan. if u dislike them it's fine but excessive hate will get u sb'd or blocked you're an ed account or almost always talk abt ed related topics untagge

An influencer best known as Miranda Sings was accused of

( Made with Carrd ) This is because I am a spic (don't use that word if you're not mexican it's a slur). I am not appropriating AAVE, it's just that the two dialects have a lot of overlap. Look it up. Lmfao. ( Made with Carrd ). comfort characters llifeline / ajay che, claudette morel, t-bug, miles morales, vixen, finn (star wars), ahsoka tano, my ocs (only fems), denny, usagi / serena, chibi moon, nubia, storm / ororo munroe, ect . OTHER PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW MY AD / 18+ IF YOURE A MINOR . that should go without saying but it bears repeating . you can ask me things on curiouscat , but idk how it works . i don't. - Culturally appropriating Black culture, (AAVE, music, fashion, etc.) - Denial of white privilege - Expecting Black people to teach, inform. - Self-appointed Allyship - White Savior Complex . Anti-Asian Hate message from Kathleen Wong (Lau), Chief Diversity Officer, March 18th, 2021. Processing Space - Monday March 22nd, 202 dni/dnfi; racist, homophobic, transphobic etc, you invalidate neopronouns, xenogenders and he/him and they/them lesbians, you're a terf/radfem, you believe in bi/pan lesbians, pro-shipper or defend pro-shippers leave me alone y'all are freaks, use aave and you're not black, are on mcytwt, dream/corpse/schlatt stan, you continuously defend anti-black behaviour and you're not black, non. this carrd is so boring sorry i'm just making it for my mangago accoubt. hi i'm Venti! overuse aave as a white person, tiktok humor, kin me (<- click for my info page!) I don't have any triggers or discomforts but DNI AND KYS if you kin me

mainly post my ults, carrd in your bio, educated on lgbtq, racism, aave, ableism, islamophobia DNFI !! fit basic dnfi criteria, invalidate neopronouns, islam and lgbtq, poc, anti my ult DNFI use aave when ur not black. dont ult bts. if u engage in fanwars/twt drama yeah no. will ss my tweets. white. solo stan/akgae for bts. take twt too srs. bts anti. wont interact. Grps bts enhypen loona itzy txt. cc apple music ( Made with Carrd

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Resources on African American Vernacular English (AAVE)/Ebonics - What is AAVE? https://aavenb.carrd.co/ - Alternatives and Substitutes for Problematic Language ( Made with Carrd ) love gently. W e l c o m e. mutuals please tag: rape, csa/pedophilia, violent ableism, and eugenics. if i use aave or mess up, please correct me. mass likes/rbs are okay. hard block to break mutuals (i get frequent brain fog and blackout amnesia) ask for tags. I support: black life. trans women Summary List Placement YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, a lot more extensively called Miranda Sings, replied to accusations that she buffooned AAVE-- African American Vernacular English-- in a tweet on Wednesday. From her Miranda Sings account on Twitter, according to a screenshot recorded by Twitter chatter account Def Noodles, she tweeted Yo BRUH TikTok is so li What Is AAVE & Why White People Shouldn't Use It Flippantly, Saying 'I Have Black Friends' Doesn't Help The Fight Against Racism, Why Bein

Twitter Dunces:part 3 by Kilamanjaro36 on DeviantAr

kavini's cafe menu. 3. Notes. i do not mean whatever i call you (bitch, dumbass, mf), if you are uncomfortable or hurt with what nicknames i call, please do tell n i'll stop as i mean no harm but just fun !! i use tone indicators as well if what i say may sound serious or if you can't distinguish whether i am being sarcastic/joking at timestw/cw eating disorder, serious/sensitive topics, self. B4 U FOLLOW can be rt heavy, only use she/her if we're friends please, i most likely won't fb if you don't have a carrd/extended bio, your race listed or if you're a minor, always active on my priv DONT FOLLOW IF -19/+26, you're an anti-anti, make fun of pronouns, refuse to be critical of your interests, nb and overuse aave or if you fit usual criteri Using AAVE is unacceptable, but even more so if you're a NBPoC that does nothing when someone in your family makes an anti-Black comment or perpetuates anti-Blackness in anyway

Thread by @sugawarassimp, I've seen a lot of confusion on

BYF i rt and post about my favorite animes and non-kpop/kpop artists, i'm mainly a gg stan, i have a gf, i fb selectively, i'm very active but sometimes i randomly go on social media detoxes DNI antiblack, transphobic, lesbophobic, invalidate neopronouns, they/them and he/him lesbians, say dyke when not lesbian, use the r slur, post gore, use AAVE when not blac Moonsatoshi is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. Moonsatoshi has three functions that take place during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition and Burn Moonsatoshi is a combination of RFI tokenomics and an auto-liquidity generating protocol. According to an article, it plans to develop a non-fungible token (NFT) exchange, as well as charity. #rbgcspeaks is trending! an all black groupchat from mcyttwt is hosting a space talking about anti blackness and micro aggressions within the mcyttwt community, as well as in general. please join and listen if you're able! i'll link the space in the replie

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