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  1. Euronext Growth; Euronext Expand; Top performers; Aksjeindekser; Obligasjoner. Obligasjoner; Oslo Børs; Nordic Alternative Bond Market; Obligasjonsindekser; ETFer; Fond; Derivater; Selskapsmeldinger; Finanskalender; Primærinnsidere; Paris. Paris; Cash Products. Cash Products; Aksjer; Indekser; Obligasjoner; ETF-er; Strukturerte produkter; Fond; Derivater. Derivater; Indeksfutures; Indeksopsjone
  2. Euronext Growth; Euronext Expand; Top performers; Equity indices; Bonds. Bonds; Oslo Børs; Nordic Alternative Bond Market; Bond indices; ETFs; Funds; Derivatives; Company regulated news; Financial calendars; Primary insiders; Paris. Paris; Cash Products. Cash Products; Stocks; Indices; Bonds; ETFs; Structured products; Funds; Derivative products. Derivative products; Index futures; Index option
  3. dre tillväxtbolag. Bara under 2020 genomfördes nästan 50 nynoteringar. Carl Armfelt på Tin Fonder, ett av flera svenska fondbolag som deltagit i noteringsfrenesin, varnar för att handelsplattformens låga inträdeskrav kan få oönskade effekter
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  5. Private investors rush to Oslo Stock Exchange and Merkur Market. The growth in number of investors has increased significantly the last year. On Oslo Stock Exchange alone we see an 18% increase in Norwegian private investors. This year, Norwegian market places see a large increase in both new listings and number of new private investors

Merkur Market, which has now officially changed its name to Euronext Growth, has seen a record number of new listings in 2020 with 48 new companies listed by the end of the year. The average market value of the companies that chose to list was also considerably higher than in previous years, averaging more than two billion NOK Furthermore, Merkur Market will as part of the harmonisation process be renamed to Euronext Growth, operated by Oslo Børs as one of several Euronext Growth Markets under Euronext. The proposed amendments are further set out in the Consultation letter below

Marknadsplatsen vänder sig både till stora och små företag, nationella som internationella. På Euronext Growth Oslo går det att notera aktier i både privata och publika aktiebolag, liksom den form av värdepapper som engelska kallas equity certificate. Euronext Growth Oslo hette tidigare Merkur Market. Handeln startade i januari 2016 The Merkur Market, which began life in 2016 and is named after Mercury, the Roman god of trade, will soon be rebranded as a Euronext Growth market, a worthy evolution to wrap up a year of unprecedented progress Euronext Growth (Merkur Market) offers companies and their owners one of the fastest admission processes in Europe. The time between Oslo Børs receiving an application and the company being admitted to trading can be around one to two weeks. Since Euronext Growth (Merkur Market) is an MTF, both the admission requirements and the continuing. Posted on November 26, 2020. November 26, 2020. By Magnus Jepson. Our portfolio company Nordic Unmanned is contemplating a listing on the Oslo stock exchange Euronext Growth, formerly known as Merkur Market. Article in the Norwegian financial daily today about the founders and the background (in Norwegian)

Market. Euronext Growth. Symbol. XPLRA. Nytt selskap tas opp til handel på Merkur Market 18.11.2020. Xplora Technologies ASer klassifisert som 45203010 - Electronic Equipment & Instruments i GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) New company is admitted to trading on Merkur Market 18.11.2020 I slutet av november meddelade dock företaget att de skjuter både nyemission och notering på framtiden, utan att ange någon specifik tidsplan. Uppdatering: I slutet av augusti 2020 meddelade BEWiSynbra Group AB att de har fått ett nybildat norskt moderbolag vid namn BEWi ASA samt att man ska noteras på listan Merkur Market i Norge Introduksjon til Euronext Growth. Opptakskrav ved notering på Euronext Growth. Løpende forpliktelser som gjelder for selskaper notert på Euronext Growth. Merkur Market byttet 9. november 2020 navn til Euronext Growth. Det vil være åpent for å stille spørsmål, som vil bli fulgt opp i etterkant av webinaret Euronext Growth was formerly named Merkur Market, but changed its name when the Oslo Stock Exchange switched to its new trading platform Optiq in November 2020. Expand 4. Growth is attractive to emerging businesses seeking capital because it offers a simplified admission process and is largely unregulated

Uppdatering: I sin emissionsmarknadsföring framgår att Seabased planerar att notera sig på Merkur Market i Oslo. Uppdatering: Ingenting nytt har i slutet av november 2018 ännu hörts om den utlovade noteringen under 2018. Bolaget har dock kallat till en extra bolagsstämma den 21 december 2018 där man vill bemyndiga styrelsen att göra. Nordic Halibut tries again for Euronext Growth listing. Nordic Halibut has announced it will renew its plan to seek listing on the Euronext Growth market (formerly the Oslo Børs) market to help it enter a new era in halibut farming.. Averøy, Møre og Romsdal, Norway-based Nordic Halibut was founded in 1995, but has suffered biological. Euronext is pleased to announce that clearing arrangements are being put in place for the Euronext Growth Oslo Market (EGO), with the same interoperability as the other Oslo Børs Markets. The External User Acceptance platform (EUA) will be open for testing on 2 June 2021, and the target production date is 28 June 2021 The listing of the shares on the Euronext Growth Paris market will be carried out under an accelerated admission to trading procedure for existing shares, without the issuance of new shares. It is specified that although Euronext Growth Paris offers a free choice of accounting standards (French or IFRS) for the preparation of the consolidated accounts, HiPay Group will continue to apply IFRS Huddlestock Fintech gets admitted to trading on Euronext Growth/Merkur Market. Norwegian fintech company Huddlestock will begin trading on Euronext Growth/Merkur Market - Oslo Børs today. Huddlestock Fintech offers two main products, a digital solution for custody banks and a trading connectivity solution for service providers

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EuroCCP will be extending its clearing services to the Euronext Growth Oslo Market (previously known as MERKUR), with the target launch 28 June 2021. The extension of clearing for the Norwegian growth stocks is subject to regulatory approval. Euronext issued a market notice 20 th May of the new cleared service including testing arrangements Euronext is pleased to announce that clearing will be available for the Euronext Growth Oslo Market (EGO), with the same interoperability arrangements as the other Oslo Børs Markets. The External User Acceptance platform (EUA) will be open for testing on 2 June 2021, and the target production date is 28 June 2021

With additional investment required to further capitalize on market potential, the two owners have also agreed to seek an initial public offering on Euronext Growth Oslo (formerly Merkur Market. Euronext N.V. (short for European New Exchange Technology) is a stock exchange in Europe, operating markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Milan, Oslo and Paris. In May 2021, it had nearly 1,900 listed issuers worth €5.6 trillion in market capitalisation. Euronext operates regulated equity and derivatives markets and is the largest centre for debt and funds listings in the. Carnegie acted as joint lead manager and joint bookrunner in the private placement of 25,000,000 new shares at a subscription price of NOK 2.00 per share and as advisor in the subsequent admittance of the company's shares for trading on the Euronext Growth Oslo. ayfie is an international provider of market-leading search and text analytics products that bring structure to unstructured data. This statistic presents the market capitalization of Euronext Growth (previously Alternext) from the end of 2014 to the end of 2020 The shares will be listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market under an accelerated listing procedure for existing shares, without the issuance of new shares. As of 17 February 2021, the new ticker.

Pan-European equity clearinghouse EuroCCP is set to provide clearing services to the Euronext Oslo Growth Market from next month. EuroCCP said it expects to go live clearing for the Oslo Bors growth market segment from 28 June. All trades executed on the in the Norwegian growth market and cleared by EuroCCP will be reported with the MIC in the. Euronext Growth Becomes EU 'SME Growth Market'. Euronext today announces that Euronext Growth - its pan-European MTF dedicated to small & mid-caps - has been officially registered as SME Growth Market for both shares and bonds by the competent authorities in Belgium, France, Ireland and Portugal2. This status, introduced under. Carnegie acted as sole manager and bookrunner in the private placement of 14,256,756 new shares at a subscription price of NOK 11.1 per share and as advisor in the subsequent admittance of the company's shares for trading on the Euronext Growth Oslo. Cloudberry develops and operates hydropower plants and wind farms in Norway and Sweden.February 2020 Background - SME growth markets. Under MiFID II, a sub-category of market was created entitled the 'SME Growth Market' to facilitate the access to capital markets by SMEs by reducing the administrative burdens associated with a market listing. On 29 October 2019, Euronext Growth was designated as an SME Growth Market Carnegie acted as sole manager and bookrunner in the private placement of 29,804 shares at a subscription price of NOK 5,201 per share and as Merkur advisor in the subsequent admittance of the company's shares for trading on the Merkur Market. EXACT-Tx is a clinical stage Norwegian biotech company developing a technology platform for targeted therapeutic enhancement - Acoustic Cluster.

Trading-Clearing Member (T) (C) Address. 3rd Floor Minster Building 21 Mincing Lane. London EC3R 7AG. United Kingdom. 141 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 2100A Chicago IL 60604. Contact Welcome to the Euronext customer portal. Connect is a robust market information site built for Euronext listed companies, market professionals and retail investors. If you're a first time visitor and you are not a listed company or a market professional, click 'Create new account' to create an account today MELTWATER ADMITTED TO TRADING ON EURONEXT GROWTH. NOK 3,480 MILLION RAISED-MARKET CAPITALISATION OF NOK 12,644 MILLION. Oslo, 3 December 2020-Oslo Børs today congratulates Meltwater, a leading global provider of media intelligence and social analytics Software-as-a-Service solutions, which has today been admitted to trading on Euronext Growth Oslo (ticker code: MWTR)

Paris, 25 May 2021: HiPay (ISIN code FR0012821916 - HIPAY), the fintech specialising in omnichannel payment solutions, announces the transfer of its shares to the Euronext Growth market, effective. Clean Seas Seafood had its first day of trading on Oslo's Euronext Growth market on Thursday, 20 May. The company announced its intention to list on the Euronext market in early May. Its initial share price was NOK 3.65 (USD 0.44, EUR 0.36), but its price had dropped to NOK 3.44 (USD 0.41, EUR 0.34) as of Tuesday, 25 May October 31, 2020 at the earliest: Delisting of Onxeo shares from the Euronext Paris regulated market (before market opening) and admission of Onxeo shares to the Euronext Growth Paris market (at the opening). Onxeo will publish its 2020 Half Year Financial Report on September 17, 2020. Download the full press releas

Euronext News Today - Aker Horizons formally transfers from Euronext Growth to Oslo Børs May 21 (Renewables Now) - Aker Horizons ASA (FRA:7QF), the majority-owned renewables platform of Norway's Aker ASA (FRA:FKM), is, as of today, trading on Oslo Børs under Fintech Zoom code AKH A comprehensive list of Agents representing companies listed on the SME markets. Search by location, industy and country to find reputable agents The shares were sold at NOK 9.50 and the company's market capitalisation was NOK 710 million on the day of listing. Øyvind L. Vesterdal, CEO of Norsk Solar, said: Listing on Euronext Growth is an important milestone for Norsk Solar and will contribute to the company's growth The Stabilisation Manager may (but will be under no obligation to) effect stabilisation activities in accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052, as implemented into Norwegian law by Section 3-1 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Regulation, in a period of 30 days from the first day of trading on Euronext Growth Oslo in order to support the market price of the shares The trend is still less prevalent in Europe than in the United States, where retail investor participation in stock markets soared last summer before hitting extreme levels in January. So-called meme stocks like U.S. video-retailer Gamestop Corp and AMC Entertainment Holdings saw record inflows fuelled by retail investors sharing investment strategies on social media

NX Filtration lists on Euronext Amsterdam A pureplay ESG growth company and the first 'Dark Green'-labelled IPO on Euronext Amsterdam Amsterdam - 11 June 2021 - Euronext today congratulates NX Filtration, the global provider of breakthrough direct nanofiltration technology for pure and affordable water, on its listing on Euronext Amsterdam (ticker code: NXFIL) Euronext has completed the sale of the market data, investor relations and portfolio and trading solutions division from Norwegian exchange Oslo Børs, which it acquired in 2019. The European exchange operator sold the Oslo Market Solutions segment to trading solutions provider Infront following the integration and migration of Oslo Børs onto its Optiq platform Within the Marketing & Lead Generation department based in Paris, the marketing intern will contribute to the annual marketing plan of the Equity, Debt & Funds business lines and to Euronext's global strategy. He/she will be in charge of boosting the visibility and profile of the Euronext listing franchise in France and across Europe

Euronext listed small and mid-caps to benefit from simplified market processes for raising capital or issuing bonds Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon and Paris - 28 October 2019 - Euronext today. Euronext Growth index: annual index development 2014-2020. This statistic shows the annual index development of the Euronext growth (previously Alternext) index on the Euronext stock exchange from. Euronext today announces that its pan-European MTF dedicated to small & mid-caps Euronext Growth has been officially registered as SME Growth Market for both shares and bonds by the authorities in Belgium, France, Ireland and Portugal.. This status, introduced under MiFID II, is set to facilitate access to capital markets for European SMEs by further developing qualified markets to cater.

EURONEXT GROWTH MARKETS RULE BOOK . EFFECTIVE DATE: 29 MAY 2018 . 2 . Table of Contents . Part I Harmonised Rules.. 4 Chapter 1: General provisions. This transfer to Euronext Growth Paris is intended to enable Voluntis to be listed on a market more appropriate to its size. It will enable the Company to reduce its costs and simplify its operations while continuing to benefit from the attractiveness of the financial markets by approaching new types of investors EURONEXT TO ACQUIRE THE BORSA ITALIANA GROUP AND CREATE THE LEADING PAN-EUROPEAN MARKET INFRASTRUCTURE ¨ Acquisition 1 of 100% of London Stock Exchange Group Holdings Italia S.p.A., the holding.

Euronext Growth Market designated an SME Growth Market Friday, 01 November 2019 On 29 October 2019 Euronext announced that Euronext Growth, its pan-European multilateral trading facility (MTF) dedicated to small & mid-capitalized companies, has been officially registered as SME Growth Market for both shares and bonds by the competent authorities in Ireland, Belgium, France, and Portugal Euronext Growth: market capitalization 2014-2020 Euronext Access: market capitalization 2014-2020 Market capital value of European stock exchanges since Coronavirus outbreak 202 Euronext Growth Market - Rules For Euronext Growth Advisors (effective from 18 June 2019) Introduction; Part 1 Euronext Growth Advisor eligibility criteria and approval process; Part 2 Continuing Obligations of a Euronext Growth Advisor; Part 3 Review and Discipline of a Euronext Growth Advisor; Glossary; Schedule One Independence in relation. Norsk Titanium AS, Hønefoss, Norway, reports that it has satisfied the conditions for listing on the Euronext Growth Oslo. The company's first day of trading on the exchange was May 18, 2021, under the ticker code NTI. The listing follows a successful share issue through a private placement that raised approximately USD $38 million

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  1. December 17, 2020 - Approval by the shareholders of Voluntis, following the Ordinary General Meeting, on the transfer to the Euronext Growth market
  2. Markets. EuroCCP is a pan-European central counterparty (CCP) that provides clearing and settlement services for 39 platforms including:-. EuroCCP also clears over-the-counter (OTC) European cash equities trades provided by matching platform Traiana. Securities from 20 different markets are cleared and settled through EuroCCP
  3. The listing of these shares on the Euronext Growth market will become effective when the markets open on July 11, 2017, simultaneously to their removal from the Euronext regulated market
  4. imum period of two months. As a re
  5. Euronext is trading at an attractive level, but the share price likely won't go anywhere until the rights issue details have been released
  6. Euronext News Today - Equity Management Platform Market to Witness Rapid Growth by 2027 Get Sample Report Buy Complete Report Equity Management Platform Market research is an intelligence report with meticulous efforts undertaken to study the right and valuable information

Clean Seas formally lists on Euronext Growth market. By Undercurrent News May 24, 2021 10:03 BST. The Australian yellowtail kingfish farmer Clean Seas Seafood has formally listed on Norway's. Regulatory News: Voluntis (Euronext Paris, Ticker: VTX - ISIN: FR0004183960 - the Company) (Paris:VTX), a leader in the field of digital therapeutics Transfer of GECI International shares to the Euronext Growth market with effect from March 29, 2021 GECI International, the Digital Transformation and Technology Consulting specialist, i

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Transfer of the Listing of Onxeo Securities From the Euronext Paris Regulated Market (Compartment C) to the Euronext Growth Paris Multilateral Trading Facility. 29 juil. 2020 12h30 HE. Other companies recently listed on Euronext Growth market include AudioValley, Kalray, and Theranexus. Arcure's first big project was in 2011 with France's Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), where it developed a pedestrian detection system called Blaxtair®, which detects people who pass or work in close proximity to industrial vehicles Bloomberg the Company & Its Products The Company & its Products Bloomberg Terminal Demo Request Bloomberg Anywhere Remote Login Bloomberg Anywhere Login Bloomberg Customer Support Customer Suppor

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  1. Euronext Amsterdam is a stock exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Formerly known as the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, it merged on 22 September 2000 with the Brussels Stock Exchange and the Paris Stock Exchange to form Euronext.The registered office of Euronext, itself incorporated in the Netherlands a public limited company (naamloze vennootschap), is also located in the exchange
  2. Euronext is pleased to exclusively offer to private investors the option to access the Euronext Cash Market Notices online at a discounted price of €12.50 (VAT included) per notice.. Samples of the different type of notices here. Non-private investors that wish to subscribe to the Euronext Cash Market Notices are invited to contact our Licensing Department at databyeuronext@euronext.com
  3. Euronext has just announced the listing of microprocessor specialist Kalray, France's largest IPO since 2012 on its Euronext Growth market. Founded in 2008, Kalray designed and developed MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array), a unique microprocessor architecture that expands real-time computing power exponentially while keeping energy consumption very low. The company is a spin-off of.

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EURONEXT GROWTH, created in 2017 (France), has more than 107 sister brands and more than 462 competing brands. EURONEXT GROWTH is a brand of Euronext listed on the Paris stock exchange. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) of Euronext is NL0006294274. EURONEXT GROWTH belongs to the Financial Services business sector Euronext listed small and mid-caps to benefit from simplified market processes for raising capital or issuing bonds; Euronext today announces that Euronext Growth[1] - its pan-European MTF dedicated to small & mid-caps - has been officially registered as SME Growth Market for both shares and bonds by the competent authorities in Belgium, France, Ireland and Portugal[2] The request for GECI International shares to be admitted to the Euronext Growth market in Paris was approved by the Euronext Listing Board on March 23, 2021. This transfer, which was approved at the Combined General Shareholders' Meeting on September 19, 2019, will enable GECI International to be listed on a market that is aligned with its development strategy and market capitalization

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Markets. Investing Learn Start Investing Investing Classroom Investing Glossary Help Center Plan Tax Planning Personal Finance Save for College Save for Retirement Invest in. PARIS, July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Onxeo S.A. (Euronext Paris, NASDAQ Copenhagen: ONXEO), ('Onxeo' or 'the Company'), a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of.. Euronext today congratulates Bergen Carbon Solutions on its listing on Euronext Growth Oslo (ticker code: BCS). Bergen Carbon Solutions uses innovative technology to turn CO₂ emissions into carbon nanofiber, a material which is lighter than plastic, stronger than steel and leads electricity better than copper, and with wide-ranging applications from energy storage to protective clothing

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PRESS RELEASE Page 1/3 Proposed transfer of the listing of Pixium Vision's shares to the Euronext Growth Paris market Paris, 29 October 2019 - 6.00 pm CEST - At its meeting today, the Board of Directors of Pixium Vision (FR0011950641 - PIX) decided to submit to the ordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held on 1

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