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COVER-old tokens will be renamed as COVEROLD on Binance. Binance will complete the distribution of COVER-new, ETH and BUSD to all affected and eligible users as part of the compensation plan after receiving the new COVER token. A further announcement will be made once the distribution is complete Stock tokens are digital tokens of shares that trade on traditional stock exchanges. The value of the Stock Tokens are pegged to the value of the relevant underlying shares. If the value of the underlying shares rises, the value of the Stock Token will rise accordingly. If the value of the underlying shares falls, the value of the Stock Token will. Matador is a rugproof community-owned token built on the Binance Smart Chain that rewards holders with a distribution of 20% from every transaction made. Distributions are spread proportionally amongst all holders. The more tokens you have the more % of the distribution you receive. In addition to burning a portion of our tokens through each. In the stock token service agreement and key-risk documents, Binance also highlights that CM-Equity is responsible for handling financial services. These include custody of the acquired shares, as well as compliance and know-your-customer (KYC) checks. The Munich-based investment group claims the tokens work as a certificate for a total return swap

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Tokens that are wrapped and pegged by Binance on a 1:1 ratio to the corresponding native token. Also supports BEP20 token deposits and withdrawals at Binance.com. A total of 43 Token Contracts found Binance Leveraged Tokens are tradable assets in the Binance.com spot market that give you leveraged exposure to the underlying asset. Each leveraged token represents a basket of perpetual contract positions. The price of the tokens tracks the change in notional amount of the perpetual contract positions in the basket and changes in the multiples of leverage level. That may sound very complicated, but put simply these Leverage Tokens are tokenized versions of leveraged future. The price of the COVER token has taken a massive hit, dropping from $720 to $308 in a matter of hours. The team has not made any official announcement regarding this incident as of yet. Banteg, Yearn Finance's core developer, commented on Twitter, saying that they are investigating the issue Token Balance Checker. You can lookup the token historical balance at a specific Block No or Date. Step 1 : Lookup For. Token Balance. Token Supply. Step 2 : Account Address *. Step 3 : Contract Address *. Step 4 : Block No or Date According to an official announcement on Monday (Dec. 28, 2020) Binance decided to suspend trading and deposit activities of the COVER token on its platform. Earlier today, there were reports that hackers took advantage of a bug found in Cover Protocol's smart contract

Binance is now offering tokens for Coinbase, Tesla and Apple stock on its platform. So what exactly are these 'synthetic' digital assets - and are they the same thing as owning the actual stock On April 27 00:00 UTC Wise token will launch a 15 day presale on Binance Smart Chain to raise up to 200,000 BNB for the launch of the WISE contract. This wil.. Germany's financial watchdog warns crypto exchange Binance over stock tokens. The logo of Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin (Bundesanstalt fuer.

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  1. Germany's financial regulator, BaFin, warned that Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, risked being fined for offering security-tracking tokens without first publishing an.
  2. In my opinion, avoid buying Binance Leveraged Tokens at all costs. If you buy tokens during a large market breakout/movement in favour of the UP/DOWN token, Binance or big players will eventually trade against the volume of the token (if it is significant enough to move the value of the token into greater profits than spot buying the coin and the same price) which throws the real coin in the.
  3. Following the news, Binance stopped trading of the Cover token as the price crashed from $920 to as low as $24. Due to a significant exploit found in the COVER smart contract, Binance will suspend trading for all COVER trading pairs to protect Binance trading users
  4. Binance hasn't given any update as to when holders will receive their tokens Binance hasn't given any update as to when holders will receive their tokens from the airdrop. If they need to keep them to cover server upgrade costs I'd probably support that and understand, 1. Reply. Share. Report Save
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In this video we will create a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.It's a great way to write your first smart contract with Solidity, the programming lang.. Binance's fiat gateways covers over 170 countries and regions in the world and we are continuing to add more to make crypto more available across the globe. By burning tokens Binance decreases the supply and makes the remaining tokens more valuable. Binance is commited to burning half the total supply of BNB tokens. Image via Binance blog Binance Coin or BNB is by far the most successful exchange token. It currently has a market cap of over $3 billion and is accepted in many other places or platforms, besides just Binance Binance has completed its largest token burn to date. Binance Will Cover $10 Million of COVER Losses. Business Dec. 31, 2020 . Binance has decided to compensate users who lost money on their investment during an attack on the DeFi project Cover Protocol DeFi Cover Protocol Hacked and Binance Stops Trading COVER Token. Bit Team. Jan 2 · 3 min read. The price of the COVER token has fallen by 80% after the discovery of a violation of its protocol. Youtuber Ivan on Tech was one of the first to discover the use of a vulnerability on the Cover protocol,.

While Binance's initial response was to delist the old COVER token and distribute the new COVER token based on a snapshot of user balances at a ratio of 1:1, many users that continued to trade COVER after the 8:11:16 AM deadline have not been deemed eligible for compensation under this plan Binance is one of the most widely used crypto exchanges on a global scale. It provides trading and brokerage services. The name of the platform consists of two words binary and finance, which means digital finance as in the IT industry binary refers to the system that only uses two digits - 0 and 1 Binance issued a compensation plan for COVER users. The cryptocurrency exchange will spend $10 million from SAFU fund. Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the decision. To receive tokens like these and others, make sure you send the BEP20 version to your BSC wallet address.. One of the preferred methods to get something like BEP20 BTC, USDT, ETH, etc. into your BSC wallet is via the Binance exchange (or other CEXes that support BSC)

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Are you new to WISE? Start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rObI0mhJ_ZU&t=1s Join the best crypto community! https://t.me/WiseToken‍ Get 10% mor.. Binance Stock Tokens are zero-commission digital tokens. A depository portfolio of underlying securities supports these and represents the outstanding token. In addition to this, holders of stock tokens are qualified for economic returns on the underlying stocks, including potential dividends The Binance leveraged tokens also differ from competitors' in that they rely on a target range of variable leverage rather than a constant leverage ratio; for the BTCDOWN token, it ranges from 1. The wPGO BEP20 token is PengolinCoin's bridge to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Decentralized Finance and Decentralized Exchange ecosystem which includes liquidity pools. At first, we will provide a manual swap for users from PGO to wPGO and wPGO to PGO until there is enough demand to develop a swap bot

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  1. It was unclear if prospectuses were available for the other traded tokens. Binance takes its compliance obligations very seriously and is committed to following local regulator requirements wherever we operate. We will work with regulators to address any questions they may have, a Binance spokesperson said
  2. After 48 hours of submitting my claim again Binance XLMUP token I didnt receive any reply from them which is annoying too much , they know what they did exactly. Appeal ID: 202105201348458885206689679. Binance increased the supply of xlmup for more than 10x !!
  3. imum investment of 1/100 th per token. Coinbase and Tesla shares traded at $739 and $342 into Friday market close which means that the exchange users being able to invest as little as $7.4 or $3.4 in the respective companies
  4. BEP-20 is a standard token on Binance SMart Chain, which is quite similar to Ethereum's standard token ERC-20 and BEP-2 token. Apart from being identical to these tokens, it is also compatible with both

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  1. Binance Stock Token Trading. Earlier this month, Binance introduced themselves in the tokenized shares trading space, joining trading giants Bittrex and FTX. According to Binance, the tokenization of shares makes it cheaper for interested investors to cut a piece of the profits cake from institutions such as Tesla
  2. Binance may add stock tokens Coinbase (COIN), after adding Tesla (TSLA), reports record-breaking BNB token burn. Leading crypto exchange Binance notes in its weekly report that it completed a.
  3. TL;DR Breakdown. Popular exchange to list stock tradable tokens. MicroStrateg and Apple's previous crypto affiliations. Weeks after the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance launched its tradable stock token, users of the exchange would be able to trade the stocks of MicroStrategy, Apple, and Microsoft as tokens very soon. The exchange decided to expand its tradable stock token.
  4. Singapore, 27 May 2021 - The leading decentralized cross-chain trading protocol MDEX.COM has pulled off quite the coup, with its MDX token listing on top exchange Binance and its entry into the Top 100 rankings on Coinmarketcap
  5. ting an infinite amount of the COVER protocol token owing to an infinite
  6. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been hot in the past few weeks. This article takes a closer look at Binance Smart Chain's BEP-20 token, and compares it to the Binance Chain BEP-2 token, as well as Ethereum's ERC-20 token

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  1. Binance temporarily suspended withdrawals of ETH and ERC-20 tokens to address a congestion issue. Binance Coin's (BNB) price spiked immediately after the pause was announced. On its official Twitter account, Binance announced that it had suspended withdrawals of ETH and Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens
  2. In Binance's latest blog Binance Blog Post summarizing February's achievements, Binance stated that it has started its accelerated BNB token burn exercise.. For those new to crypto, a token burn simply refers to removing a token from circulation or simply destroying it
  3. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally by volume, has launched zero commission and tradable stock tokens.According to a blog post by the company, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares.
  4. Binance has unveiled the date and time for new Stock Tokens listing. The stock tokens of Microstrategy, Microsoft, and Apple will go live from 26th to 30th April 2021. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has unveiled three new stock tokens to be listed on their Binance Stock Token program
  5. Project Token Canal is a new initiative, similar to many existing 'wrapped coins' in the crypto community, Binance.com, the largest crypto token vault and exchange, will stand to issue and bind more token assets on Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain, and guarantee the conversion from and to the original tokens with our own credibility and infrastructure
  6. We could see the FUN Token price touching $0.04 again, and as the Binance trading competition gets into gear, we could see the price retest and push well above the $0.042 mark. On the daily chart, we can see a flag breakout pattern
  7. Portion is happy to announce that PRT is also now available on Binance Smart Chain! This is a major step in creating interoperability between Portion, BSC, and the rapidly evolving ecosystem of apps and platforms using Binance Smart Chain for its technical strengths and powerful network effects
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The Binance cryptocurrency exchange has unveiled the latest project that will be holding a token sale on the Binance Launchpad platform. Indonesia-based cryptocurrency exchange Tokocrypto is looking to raised up to $7.5 million by selling 15% of the total supply of its TKO token Binance listed Shiba Inu SHIB token after a 146.3% rally in the daily chart and massive volatility across the board. The SHIB token was listed on FTX, Huobi and now Binance, and right after the announcement, we saw DOGE setting new lows as the news spread so let's read more in our latest altcoin news today.. SHIB operates under the ERC20 standard with about in total supply

The Binance ICO occurred from July 14-27, 2017, at which time 100 million BNB Binance Coins were sold, raising approximately $15 million. As we've covered previously at Crypto Briefing, nearly 5 million coin BNB have since been repurchased and burned by Binance.Essentially, it plans to destroy the initial 100 million ICO tokens using 20 percent of quarterly profits four times a year to do so Binance stock tokens are tokens of stocks that trade on stock exchanges. Each token represents one ordinary share of the relevant stock and will be fully backed by a depository portfolio of underlying securities held by CM-Equity

Binance's new venture trading tokenized versions of stocks like Tesla, Apple and Coinbase is bringing unwanted attention from regulators Tokocrypto (TKO) token sale. Binance Launchpad will host the Tokocrypto (TKO) token sale on the 4th of April 2021. Tokocrypto is the number one cryptocurrency asset digital exchange in Indonesia and the first company to be registered under the Trade and Futures Exchange Ministry

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Binance's marketing campaign for its security token representing Tesla stocks to citizens in Hong Kong may be a violation of local securities regulations, according to a prominent local news outlet Company raising awareness amongst crypto communities on both Binance and Ethereum. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 13, 2021 - Global Cannabis Applications Corp. ( GCAC or the Company) (CSE:APP) (FSE:2FA) (OTC:FUAPF) a leading medical cannabis chain-of-custody compliance and data platform, announced today that the GCAC token [1] is now also available on the Pancakeswap trading. Now, with wrapped IOTA on Binance Smart Chain, IOTA holders can use the IOTA Token to participate in DeFi applications on the Binance network. We see this integration with Binance Smart Chain as the first step in growing liquidity across multiple chains, while also preparing for the ability for other assets to live on the IOTA network Binance Suspends Ethereum and ERC-20 Token Withdrawals Before Quickly Reversing Course The rollercoaster-ride in cryptocurrency prices on Monday was accompanied by Binance's fresh restrictions.

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In that case, Binance would be required to provide a prospectus for prospective Binance Stock Tokens, something that the exchange has yet to do. However, BaFin's position is contested. Global financial services firm CM-Equity suggested that a prospectus was unnecessary as the tokens are settled in Binance's stablecoin, BUSD Binance exchange has given its native token holders another reason to celebrate holding BNB. In its latest quarterly BNB burn, the exchange has set a record with a total of 1,099,888 BNB wiped out from the total supply.. Binance Coin (BNB) has been one of the best performing altcoins in the market.Earlier this week, the now third-ranked coin reached an all-time high of $638

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Saldırının ardından düşüşe geçen COVER 859 dolar bandından 17 dolara kadar geriledi ve eğer ekip gerçekten müdahale etmezse düşüşün daha da devam edeceği düşünülüyor.. Binance'in Cover Adımı. Saldırının ardından yapılan resmi duyuruya göre Binance, COVER token'ının işlem ve para yatırma faaliyetlerini platformunda askıya almaya karar verdi Even more, the Binance tradable stock token project is in partnership with CM-Equity AG and Digital Assets AG. Also, as part of the tradable stock token operation, Binance users will now have full. Seamless EASY Token transfers now activated between Ethereum & Binance Smart ChainTORTOLA, VIRGIN ISLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2021 / Easyfi Network, the universal Layer 2 DeFi lending.

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In an announcement on April 26, Binance stated that it would be listing MicroStrategy (MSTR), Microsoft (MSFT), and Apple (AAPL). The MSTR/BUSD pair will be listed on April 26. The other two, also tradable in Binance's own stablecoin, will launch on April 28 and 30.. Binance already has two stock token pairs listed for Coinbase (COIN/BUSD), and Tesla (TSLA/BUSD) Binance claims that the stock token is a CM-Equity product that fully complies with MiFID II market rules in the European Union and BaFin's banking regulations. Currently users only buy and sell the tokens from and to CM-Equity AG, which does not require a prospectus, Binance reportedly said Binance announced on Dec. 30 that it would distribute over $10 million to platform users affected by the COVER hack. On Dec. 28, a hacker launched a minting exploit that created 40 quadrillion COVER tokens Source: a screenshot, Instagram/binance. Following a COVER smart contract hack, major crypto exchange Binance announced they will use their funds to cover their users' losses to the tune of USD 10.1m. In addition to the compensation plan from the COVER team, Binance will utilize the Binance SAFU Fund to recompense a total of [USD] 10,107,505 USD (distributed in 8,171,634.10 BUSD and 2,581.16. Last week, Binance began offering stock tokens, which are worth the equivalent amount of a company's equity shares. Initially launching with Tesla, Binance now also offers stock tokens for rival.

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The Binance stock tokens were first unveiled back on 12 April, when the exchange launched its Tesla stock token representing one share of equity stock. The product enables users to trade as little as one one-hundredth of a share, and were developed by German financial services firm CM-Equity AG, which is a regulated entity Binance will list the Coinbase Stock Token (COIN) following Coinbase's official listing on NASDAQ, COIN/BUSD trading pair will be open. Users will be able to trade fractional Coinbase stock on the Binance exchange Crypto exchange Binance is set to list rival Coinbase's stock token today. The listing will take place at a UTC time after Coinbase goes public on Nasdaq. The specific time isn't known yet. The listing will allow Binance users to trade Coinbase stock in fractions

Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is expected to list competitor Coinbase's stock token later today. The listing will take place after Coinbase goes live on Nasdaq at a UTC time, and the precise period is yet to be determined. Binance consumers would be able to exchange Coinbase stock in fractions as a result of the Click on Binance Coin (BNB) 5. Tap Add Token. Step 6 (Funding your BNB in order to swap for Wype) Chose the amount you want to send and make sure it covers the small fees as well. 8. Your Wype token balance will reflect in your wallet and your BNB or other

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Binance announces that they will list COIN effective April 14, 2021 (UTC). COIN/USD trading pair will open on Binance. Binance announced that they will list Coinbase Stock Token (COIN) effective. Introduce 2 new DeFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain - Helmet.insure, a peer-to-peer Crypto assets insurance trading platform and Soups Finance, an experimental project that enables the generation of SOUP tokens Cover Protocol has been exploited while its native token plunged 80% in minutes. There has reportedly been yet another DeFi exploit, which resulted in massive declines for its native token. This time, the victim was Cover protocol, and its COVER token crashed by almost 80% on Binance within minutes Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta Until recently, Binance also provided an option of trading FTX leveraged tokens, but at the end of March, CZ tweeted that they received many complaints from users (who did not understand the new financial instrument) and decided to delist these tokens from the platform

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  1. There was also another more significant rug pull done by Tin Finance, making away with about $140,000 worth of liquidity. This project has also gone ghost since the incident, but there Twitter is still live. This rug-pull was structured in a bit of a differnt fashion, being that of a pre-sale scam; the project Tin Finance promised users a pre-sale of 100,000 USD in return for TIN tokens
  2. Binance Coin has absolutely exploded amidst Coinbase IPO fever | Source: BNBUSD on TradingView.com FOMO For Exchange Tokens Bolsters Binance Coin Bull Market ROI I think we're going to see more private companies go public because they see the path, hopefully, that Coinbase takes that recognizes the value in the public marketplace, Magoon also told CNBC during a segment of ETF Edge
  3. Binance reported on Friday that in its most recent quarterly burn, it burned over 1 million BNB tokens worth $595 million. This time 1,099,888 BNB was destroyed which is an approximate equivalent of $595,314,380 and 0.65 percent of the total coin suppl
  4. Recently, Binance introduced its own range of leveraged tokens, which are traded like any other crypto asset on spot markets but provide leveraged exposure to cryptocurrencies. Create Binance Account In this guide, we'll be showing you how to go short on Bitcoin with the BTCDOWN leveraged token on Binance

Token Canal Project. Project Token Canal is a new initiative, similar to many existing 'wrapped coins' in the crypto community, Binance.com, the largest crypto token vault and exchange, will stand to issue and bind more token assets on Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, and guarantee the conversion from and to the original tokens with our own credibility and infrastructure EASY Token Deployment on BSC — Needless to say, while EasyFi is expanding the entire protocol to BSC, it was imperative that we also deploy our token contracts using the Binance Smart Chain. As covered, the Uniswap the publication of a Uniswap governance proposal requires 8% of the total token supply. Only crypto exchange Binance has enough UNI tokens right now to actually issue a.

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Coinbase and Binance Move XRP Tokens The Whale Alert Twitter bot has recently detected three big movements in XRP tokens by Coinbase, Binance, and Bitrue. According to the data revealed by sources, about 20 million XRP tokens have been moved from Coinbase to Binance MIST is a cryptocurrency token based on the Binance blockchain with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. has been audited by Solid Group and Solidity Finance, covering a wide range of token characteristics and reviewing the smart contract code. MIST can be securely stored on supported wallets that are connected to the Binance Smart Chain Binance has announced that it will list FC Barcelona Fan Tokens. The exchange shared the news on its official Twitter account and blog. Users will get a 30% discount when buying the tokens with BNB With Cover Protocol, a peer-to-peer coverage market, being the latest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol to suffer an attack, major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has moved to halt all trading and deposits of the COVER token. Hackers Exploit Cover Protocol's Smart Contract According to an official announcement on Monday (Dec. 28, 2020) Binance decided to suspend trading [ The token burning mechanism in the cryptocurrency space is not a new invention, but it's been in the news only recently. In fact, it was Binance Coin and Binance's Quarterly token burn that first piqued the community's interest and curiosity. Back in February, for instance, AMBCrypto had suggested that the burn protocol could be a [

Sustainable Energy Token (SET) is currently ranked as the #2772 cryptocurrency by market cap. Today it reached a high of $0.000000, and now sits at $0.000000. Sustainable Energy Token (SET) price is down 21.75% in the last 24 hours Where is my ETH? So, you accidentally sent Binance peg ETH to your Metamask wallet and now you wonder where is your crypto! Fear not, there are a million tutorials online, yet there is not a single one that simplifies how to find your tokens, this is what I hope to accomplish here SCAM Token (SCAM) is currently ranked as the #3248 cryptocurrency by market cap. Today it reached a high of $0.000000, and now sits at $0.000000. SCAM Token (SCAM) price is down 19.56% in the last 24 hours Binance Steps In, Suspends COVER Trading and COVER token Deposits As per the latest update on COVER hack, Binance has suspended the COVER token trading and deposits following the hack news. While many are appreciating Binance for quick response many others are questioning the quality of on-boarding process and standards in Defi space Track current MOG Token prices in real-time with historical MOG USD charts, liquidity, and volume. Get top exchanges, markets, and more

Live: Faith, Freedom and Justice march at Virginia BeachSalmon Poke Bowl By Brooke Williamson - Montana StandardWaifu Token ($WAIF) - Your NFT Waifu (Anime in the Blockchain)Brave CEO Brendan Eich Gives New Details on Ad Trials, BAT

Per Binance's announcement, after reviewing the latest compensation plan from the Cover Finance team, the exchange discovered that a large number of its customers bought COVER tokens after the proposed snapshot time and would be left with worthless assets as a result Binance Launchpad announce exclusive token launch - Harmony Token By Nidhi Kolhapur Follow on Twitter Send an email May 16, 2019 Binance, one of the most popular exchanges in the world announced its exclusive token launch platform ' Binance Launchpad' support for its fifth project of the year, 'Harmony', a fully scalable and secured blockchain Binance Will Burn All ERC20 Tokens In Their Wallets And Convert Them To BEP2 Tokens. Change is coming for Binance.Changpeng CZ Zhao, the CEO of the company, has recently affirmed that the company would burn all the ERC20-based BNB tokens on their own wallets and replace them with an equal amount of BEP2 tokens, which will be generated soon after the tokens are burned I will help you create your own BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain. Development will typically begin on Testnet first for you to test the functionality, and then proceed to Mainnet. You will get a new BSC address that is used to deploy the token

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